Thank You


Hear some of God and Bonita's conversations placed to music! Be inspired, be uplifted, be transformed by the renewing of your mind!



Restored Book: Spirit, Soul, and Body, Memoirs of a Psalmist



Hear how this psalmist allowed God to heal, deliver, and give her the peace that surpassed ALL understanding! Hear it, feel it, and ENJOY it!





"This Time"

If you are a backslider, tired of church, and have never given your life to Christ, "This Time" will renew your commitment and bring you to a closer walk and relationship with God.


"The Creation"


This is Bonita's 1st recording project.

With the help of technology, a conversion from cassette to CD was made so that you could be inspired by "The Creation" and Bonita's contribution to some old hymns with a new arrangement.